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Hi there, thank you for visiting my site! 

I'm a Brooklyn-based videographer, editor, 360 filmmaker and VR experience designer.


I've worked with a variety of clients across the commercial, music, and education sectors. From producing marketing videos for some of the world's largest media agencies,  to designing and programming interactive VR training modules on public speaking techniques.


My passion for new tools, new technologies, and new media has seen me constantly learning, perfecting and broadening my skillsets - from videography, editing, animation, VR programming, sound engineering to graphic design. I believe creativity and quality come from a sound understanding of what is technically possible.  


Before I embarked on the journey of content creation, I was producing some of the largest advertising events and awards shows in Asia Pacific. What have I learnt there? Respect for deadlines and teamwork!


WINNER - The TASTE AWARDS - 2018.png
SEMI-FINALIST - Los Angeles CineFest - 2

The TASTE Awards Film 2018

Winner of Virtual Reality, Television and Video Competition

Los Angeles, April 9, 2018

The Hollywood Hills Awards 2017

Winner of Virtual Reality

Los Angeles, October 15, 2017


Los Angeles CineFest 2017

Semi-Finalist of Virtual Reality

Los Angeles, August 2017


Kinetoscope VR Film Festival 2018, New York

International Music Video Underground 2018, Los Angeles

Winter Film Awards Indie Film Festival 2018, New York

WIND International Film Festival 2017, Los Angeles,

KremFest Virtual Reality 2017, Seattle

Jump Into VR Festival 2017, New York

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